Welcome to Holburn West Church - a Church of Scotland Parish Church in Aberdeen City.

Our mission is that our activities; organisational structures, resources, and suite of buildings should open us to:

  • God's love, strengthen our love for God and give us faith to stand firm as Jesus' disciples;
  • everyone in the local and world-wide church family, and strengthen our love for each other;
  • all ages and conditions of residents in our parish, especially those in need, strengthening our love for them and our ability to share the gospel with them;
  • the world especially to the poor and the oppressed, strengthening our love for it and our ability to oppose the powers of evil.

Holburn West Church is partnered with the church of St. Columba CCAP in Blantyre, Malawi


Holburn West Church - photograph of a painting

What's Going on at Holburn West Church?

Sunday Morning Worship: Services in July and August start at 10.00 am

  • Sunday 21st August morning worship will be conducted by Rev Elizabeth Youngson.
  • Sunday 28th August there will be an All Age Morning worship service with the children and young folk taking part. Their part in the Church's life in the past year will be recognized. This will be followed by the Church Picnic to Drum Castle.

Take Home Ideas

Over the next four weeks, set up a prayer station somewhere either in your home or in your garden or balcony, which will be a special place where you can sit for a short while and contemplate.

Find symbols, colours or words that perhaps express some of the ideas in the Lord's Prayer this week and place them in the space.

This week it might be a candle or a passage from the Bible, a flower or some earth, a list of the names of God, or something along those lines. The space is your own to create as it will be your trysting place to meet, encounter and engage with God.

You are warmly welcome to worship at Holburn West Church. Tea and coffee is served in the Large Hall after morning worship.

Holburn West Church of Scotland registered charity number SC013318. Find us on facebook!